Larry Strauss: ‘I’m going to be a subversive educator’

Larry Strauss poneert op Huffington Post een mooi streven:

I pledge–and hope other teachers will join me–to be a subversive educator. That is, to provide quality education for our students, by any means necessary.

I am not suggesting rebellion for its own sake. Where policy supports quality education, I will obediently adhere. But, like many of you reading this, I have been doing this long enough to know that (notwithstanding the many fraudulent claims of those who have no direct contact with our students) putting students first–I mean really placing their interests ahead of all others–is very often at odds with what we are told to do in our classrooms.

Ik weet niet of ik het eens ben met al zijn keuzes in de uitwerking ervan – ik zie iets meer waarde in goed toetsen dan hij, bijvoorbeeld – maar de sfeer van een ondergrondse, kwaliteit-no-matter-what-beweging staat me erg aan.

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  1. Feest der herkenning
    When I began teaching I had a colleague who–whenever he was asked to do anything outside his classroom, professional development or otherwise–would ask, “How is this benefiting my students?” A simple question but a profound guiding principle. He did not show up to work each day to support the ambitions of administrators or politicians. Neither do I.

    Dit voorbeeld verdient navolging. Het heeft ervoor gezorgd dat de onderwijsvernieuwlingen niet het hele onderwijs te gronde hebben gericht.

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