Treffers vs Sweller in 2019

Don’t know what to think of this rekenprofessor. Click on the link, it’s a printout of a Maple worksheet.

In Adrie Treffers presented what he calls a critical examination of Cognitive Load Theory from the perspective of mathematics education in the case of direct instruction versus problem-solving. From the laws of Pólya he takes us to magic squares, and then continues on a problem presented and used by Sweller in an influential paper I myself never read. Sorry.

Magic squares are nice but I never bothered, sorry again. Why they would be of use in math education is another issue. But let’s do something I never did before. I did this after reading Treffer’s reasoning towards the middle 5.

Nice puzzle. But what’s math got to do with it? Maybe a lot, maybe not.

Worrying: Treffer’s paper is a fittie paper in the tradition of

His Freudenthal Group is still going strong.



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